Patrick Keefe

1801 Father: Patrick Keefe Mother: Honor Walsh Sponsor: William Doyle Margaret Whelan 1799 Father: Wiliam Kiefe Mother: Mary Grant Sponsor: Michael Conway and Mary Grant 1802 Father: Mathias Keefe Mother: Joan Keefe Sponsor: Margaret Delehanty 1803 1797 1805 1806 1806 1793 1807 1807 1792 1791 1809 1791  


MARRIAGE RECORD 1790 Feb 14 Parish Thomastown County Co Kilkenny address Husband: Ballyhaile Wife: Collumkill Husband: Michael Keefe Wife Honor Walsh Witness: Laurence Keefe and Mary Walsh * Lawrence brother of Michael Mary Walsh and Mary Ryan sister   BAPTISM RECORDS 1791 Joseph Keefe Address Collumkill  County Co. Kilkenny Parish Thomastown Father: Michael Keefe Mother: … Continue reading keefe


1835 Ellen Darby Co. Tipperary Father: Patrick Darby.  Mother: Ellen Money 1836 Jane Darby Co.Dublin Father: Patrick Darby 1834 Mary Darby Co. Meath Father: Patrick Darby 1832 Anne Darby Co. Kildare Father: Patrick Darby 1839 Ann Darby Co. Westmeath Father: Patrick Darby 1831 Patrick Darby Co. Dublin Father: Patrick Darby 1840 Alice Darby Co. Down … Continue reading Darby

William Hendry Born in Ireland

birth year parents sponsors 1830 Father Patrick Hendry Mother Mary Kean Sponsor Michael Nowlan and Bridget Doherty. Parish Loughrea. Other Children of Patrick Hendry and Mary Kean: 1834 Father William Hendry Mother Rose A Ketter. Sponsor Thomas Ketter and Mary Ketter. Parish Glenravel. Other children of William Hendry and Rose Ketter:         … Continue reading William Hendry Born in Ireland