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Catherine Comerford 1845

Father: Patrick Comerford
Mother: Margaret Hanlon
Spouse: James Odea.  Witness John Shelin and Catherine Oreily



Patrick Brenan

Ally Brenan

Thomas Brenan



William Connors 1849


Roland Graham 1861


Jane Anderson 1865


Does Mary Hanlon have a sister?

As you know Mary Hanlon married Patrick Keefe in 1833 in Paulstown Co. Kilkenny.  I am looking for her siblings.  The method I am using is somewhat of a brute force method in that I am searching Kilkenny for all Hanlons in the 1830s and earlier.  My thought is that if she does have a sibling I might be able to find them by locating her nieces and nephews.  My guess is that her nieces and nephews would be born also in Paulstown between 1820-1845.  The low range is if she is the youngest in her family and the high range if she is the oldest in her family.

The following are female Hanlons that had children during that time.  What makes this slightly difficult is that the woman’s maiden name is not always on the birth certificate.

Margaret Handlin and husband Laurence MacAvoy.  Children:
1811 married St. John’s.  Witness John Kelly and Mary Kelly
1819 Mary MacAvoy.  Brougemakers St.Canices.  Sponsors: James Boes and Bridget Dunne
1821 John MacAvoy. Broge Hill St Canice’s.  Sponsors: Edward Farrell and Mary Lalor

Catherine Hanlon/Handlin/Hanlan husband John Carty.  Children:
1817 Michael Carty.  Nocbrack Glenmore.  Sponsors: Mathew Elvert and Cary Carty
1821 Mary Carty.  Ballivdere Glenmore.  Sponsors: Michael Grace and Margaret Hanlon
1823 Richard Carty.  Parkstown Glenmore.  Sponsors Thomas Linegar and Mary Den
1830 Catherine Carty.  Sponsors: John Walsh and Bridget Denn

Ellen Hanlon/Handlin and husband Michael Flood.
1831 Married St. Canice’s Co Kilkenny. Witness: Pat Hutson and Alicia Flood. Children:
1835 Judith Flood. Canices Well St. Canice’s.  Sponsors: Michael Neil and Biddy Flood
1837 Mary Flood.  Canices Well St. Canice’s.  Sponsors: John Flood and Sally Hanlon
1842 Michael Flood.  Canices Well St. Canice’s.  Sponsors: Pat Delany and Catherine Carty

Ally Hanlon and husband Martin Tobin.  Children:
1816 Bridget Tobin.  Tullibyrne St. John’s.  Sponsors James Tobin and Mary Byrne
1817 Catherine Tobin.  Whitehall St. John’s.  Sponsors: Patrick Tobin and Nancy Conners
1829 William Tobin.  Sponsors: James Fitzpatrick and Mary Martin

Mary Hanlon and husband John Dillon.  Children:
1830 Edward Dillon.  Ballyphilip Freshford.  Sponsors Thomas Cleer and Bridget Cleer

Anne Hanlon and husband James Daly.  Children:
1831 John Daly. Lowgrange Paulstown. Sponsors: Owen Daly and Alicia Swift

Elizabeth Hanlon and husband James Maher.
1831 married Paulstown Lowergrange Witness: Pat Murphy Mary Hanlon.  Children:
1832 William Maher.  Goresbridge Paulstown. Sponsors Patrick Walsh and Ellen Holohan
1834 Mary Maher. Goresbridge Paulstown. Sponsors John Cahill and Rose Neil.

Mary Hanlon and Patrick Keefe
1833 married Paulstown Mohenmore.  Witness: James Hanlon and Margaret Hanlon

1836 Mary Keefe.  Sponsors: John Piert Ann Hanlon
1839 Catherine Keefe. Sponsors: George Leahy and Mary MacEvoy
1840 Anne Keefe. Sponsors: Thomas Piert and Catherine Comerford
1842 Eleanor Keefe. Sponsors: James Walsh and Anastatia Walsh
1844 Margaret Keefe.  Sponsors: Richard Beckett and Ann Hennessey

Margaret Hanlon and husband Patrick Hogan.
1834 Married Urlingford Co Kilkenny. Witness: Patrick Hogan and Margaret Snead. Children:
1834 John Hogan.  Lohoney Urlingford.  Sponsors: John Shearman and Margaret Meade.
1836 Catherine Hogan.  Lohoney Urlingford.  Sponsors Robert Shearman and Catherine Shearman.
1838 Denis Hogan.  Lower Tobrid.  Sponsors Joseph Talent and Elizabeth Hanlon.
1840 William Hogan.  Loughfinale Urlingford.  Sponsors William Hanlon and Ellen Campion
1841 Robert Hogan.  Woodsgift Urlingford.  Sponsors William Hanlon and Judith Campion
1848 Patrick Hogan.  Lower Tobrid.  Sponsors: Thomas Reilly and Anne Doyle

Eliabeth Hanlon and husband James Kavanagh.  Children:
1835 James Kavanagh.  Rossrow Inistiogue.  Sponsors John Murphy and Ellen Kavanagh

Margaret Hanlon and James Farrell
1832 married Paulstown RawHaydon. Witness Linard Keating and Mary Hanlon



Does Mary Hanlon have a brother?

I also believe that Patrick Keefe and Mary Hanlon must have had siblings.  I think finding this info is likely going to be harder than finding info on the remaining four sisters.  First, I am going to guess that Mary Hanlon had a brother.  Honestly I have no idea.  The next list of people was created from  searching for people born in the 1830’s in Kilkenny who’s father’s last name was Hanlon.  The names will be father then wife then children born.  I am hoping that as I create these families that they slowly come together so I can start eliminating people and focusing more on others.

Possible Brothers and their wives and children for Mary Hanlon:

Michael Hanlon and Judith Hoyne
1801 married St. Patrick’s. Witness James Dowling and Mary McAvoy
1803 Catherine Hanlon. St John’s. Sponsors: John Ryan and Anstice Mangan
1805 Elizabeth Hanlon. St John’s. Sponsors Thomas Meany and Sally Meany
1808 Catherine Hanlon. St John’s. Sponsors Richard Meany and Bridget MacGrath
1811 Michael Hanlan St John’s. Sponsors Thomas Hanlin and Mary Delany
1813 Bridget handlin St. Johns. Sponsors Patrick Stoakes and Nelly Dunphy
1816 James Hanlon. Cellarstown St. John’s. Sponsors: William Meany and Mary Carroll

Michael Hanlon and wife Mary Hoyne
1816 Denis Hanlon Madlin Street St John’s. Sponsors: Martin Tobin and Marian Kelly
1819 Margaret Hanlon Madlin Street St John’s. Sponsors: Edward Stapleton and Elizabeth Tobin
1821 Catherine Hanlon.  Maudlin Street St.Johns. Sponsors: Martin Hanlon and Johanne Kelly
1824 Honor Hanlon.   St.Johns. Sponsors: Robert Muldowney and Catherine Kelly

Michael Hanlon wife Judith Barton
1817 Catherine Hanlon

James Hanlon and Jony Butler
1818 Catherine Hanlon

Patrick Hanlon and wife Catherine Nowlan
1819 Catherine Hanlon. Shrabane Johnstown. Sponsors Richard Gannen and Bridget Gannen

Daniel Hanlon and Margaret Brown
1819 Catherine Hanlon. Waterford Rd. St Patrick’s Johnstown. Sponsors: John Brown and Mrs John Walsh

Patrick Hanlon wife Bridget Strange
.  Children:
1820 John Hanlon. Sponsors: Marks Doney and C. Quin


Michael Hanlon wife Nelly Ford.  Children:
1820 John Hanlon. Sponsors: Michael Bryan and Mary Murphy

Felix Hanlon wife Margaret Dowling
1816 James Hanlon James Dalton Mary Purcell
1822 Felix Hanlon. Robert Cass and Margaret Gafny
1824 Michael Hanlon James Holohan Mary Ryan
1827 John Hanlon. Sponsors: James Dowling Mary Hoyne

Thomas Hanlon wife Elizabeth Maher.  Children:
1830 Margaret Hanlon.  Sponsors: Thomas Clear and Anastatia Shanahan
1834 Catherine Hanlon.  Sponsors: Robert Whyte and Elizabeth Kelly
1837 Mary Handlen.  Sponsors: Nicholas Gallaven and Anastatia Holet
1840 John Hanlon.  Sponsors: Laurence Walsh and Margaret Kelly

Daniel Hanlan wife Bridget Nowlan.  Children:
1820 Bridget Hanlon.  Sponsors Murphy Edmund and Anne Deloughry
1823 Patrick Hanlen.  Sponsors: Edmund Murphy and Nancy Heal
1829 Catherine Hanlan.  Sponsors: Michael Hogan and Margaret Grace

Patrick Hanlin and Mary Ryan
1824 Catherine Hanlin.  Sponsor: Nell Larkin

Patrick Hanlon and Bridget French
1828 married Freshford.  Witness Festus Doyle Catherine Keefe

William Hanlon and Nancy Tierney
1828 Margaret Hanlon.  Freshford Co Kilkenny.  Sponsors: James Cahill and Margaret Dowling
1831 Mary Hanlon. Sponsors: Michael Holohan and Joanne Giltenan
1833 Catherine Hanlon Freshford Co Kilkenny.  Sponsors: Nicholas Griffin and Catherine Hanlon

William Hanlon and Anne Tierny
1835 Honor Hanlon Freshford. Sponsors: Philip Walsh and Anastatia Skeahan

Patrick Hanlon and Catherine Tierney

1832 married St John’s Kilderry.  Witness Patrick Stapleton and Judith Martin. Children:
1833 Anne Hanlon St John’s Windgap Co Kilkenny. Sponsors: John Lannan Catherine Readshaw

Laurence Hanlon wife Elizabeth Curran.   Children:
1833 Patrick Hanlon.  Sponsors: Michael Kane and Catherine Curran
1835 James Hanlon.  Sponsors: Martin Curran and Catherine Curran
1832 Anne Hanlon.  Sponsors: Michael Keys and Anastatia Hanlon

James Hanlon wife Elizabeth Flood.  Children
1833 Luke Hanlon.  Sponsons John Campion and Jane Healy
1835 Michael Hanlan. twin  Sponsors Patrick Brenan and Ellen Murphy
1835 Peter Hanlon.  twin Sponsors Thomas Cody and Ally Brenan

William Hanlon and Anne Cating.  Children:
1834 Anne Hanlon.  Ballytarsna Paulstown. Sponsors: James Maher and Catherine Fitzpatrick

John Hanlon wife Nancy Dalton.  Children
1835 Patrick Hanlon. Sponsors  Edmund Bridget Gooly and Bridget Dalton

Patrick Hanlen and Ellen Haberlin.  Children:
1830: Edmund Hanlan.  Rathpatrick Slieverue. Sponsors: Nicholas Habberlain and Margaret Butler
1833: Patrick Hanlan. Rathpatrick Slieverue. Sponsors: Stephen Borris and Catherine Power
1835: Ellen Hanlen.  Rathpatrick Slieverue.  Sponsors Michael Neil and Mary Gleeson

James Hanlon and Catherine Fitzpatrick.  Children:
1835 Ellen Hanlon.  Sponsors: Pierce Ward and Margaret Murphy

William Hanlin and Elizabeth Holmes.
1830 married Urlingford.  Witness: William Morrisy and Margaret Egan.

Not recorded Hanlon and Mary Morrisey
1830 married Clough Co. Kilkenny.  Witness: S Hanlon and Elizabeth MacEvoy

John Hanlan and Catherine Neil
1830 married Slieverue Kilmacow Davidstown. Witness Edmund Hough and Laurence Neil


My great great great grandfather was Patrick Keefe.  He married Mary Hanlon in Paulstown in 1833.  They had five children Mary, Catherine, Anne, Eleanor and Margaret.  All five children were born in Kilkenny and I have the birth records for all children.

Anne Keefe my 2nd great grandmother married Timothy Fennin.  I am looking for either marriage records or death certificates for her sisters.  Anne Married in Kildare so perhaps her sisters married there or in Kilkenny.  The following lists each sister and possible people they could have married.  For example John Curtin, Patrick Dooley and Michael Hogan all married people named Catherine Keefe.  The thing that I do not know is which one of them married the Catherine Keefe that is my great great aunt.

Mary Keefe 1836 – find spouse
?? Martin Lannon ??  1864

Catherine Keefe 1839 – find spouse

?? John Curtin ??
?? Patrick Dooley??
?? Michael Hogan??

— 1862 Mary Hogan
— 1863 Catherine Hogan
— 1865 Bridget Hogan

?? Jeremiah Linehan

Anne Keefe 1840 – married Tim Fennin

Eleanor Keefe 1842 – find spouse

?? William Murphy ??

— 1860 Catherine Murphy
— 1864 Anastatia Murphy

?? Thomas McCormick ??

Margaret Keefe 1844 – find spouse

?? William Barry ??
?? Daniel Hennessey ??
?? Joseph Farrell ??
?? Michael Brien ??
?? Mchael Curtin ??
?? John Hanrahan ??
?? James Quinn ??


After facing many genealogy brick walls I thought I would try a new approach especially since I have now met 2 cousins on 2 different lines all because they were googling their grandparents.  So my great great grandfather is Patrick Darby.  His parents are James Darby and Mary Carr.  I am going to assume he has a at least one or more siblings although it is possible he could be an only child however I somehow doubt that.  I should mention also that Patrick married Mary McDonald and they had 5 children Mary Elizabeth, Annie, Elizabeth, Ellen, and Mary.  I know that looks confusing since Mary and Elizabeth are repeated but Mary Elizabeth the first born child died when she was 3 years old and the 2nd Elizabeth born in 1874 is my great grandmother.

Patrick Darby was married in Cookstown Tyrone in 1865.  He was 22 at the time he married.  My strategy is to look for other Darby families in Cookstown during this time.  He also moved to Glasgow and is there during the 1871, 1881, and 1891 census.  He lived on 54 Canal street so possibly a search in that vicinity and he lived on 28 William street.

Patrick Darby – look for siblings born in Cookstown Tyrone in the 1840’s.

Annie Darby – is one of the five children of Patrick born in Scotland 1872.  Find either marriage record or death record.  She likely died as she is not in the 1881 census with her family.





Timothy Fennell 1878

1878 Born

Timothy Fennell 1878