Earlston Street Glasgow

84 Earlston Street

1939 Elizabeth Hendry Darby

1949 Feb 24th Elizabeth Darby on Queen Elizabeth

1950 Helen Evans age 32 children Mary and Helen sailing on the Laurentia



Oakbank Street

1861 Scotland Census:

11 Oakbank Street: Ellen Dodds (54), Edward Dodds, John Dodds, Catherine Dodds (18), June Dodds

11 Oakbank Street: Elizabeth McDonald (30), Mary McDonald (26), Margaret F Allan (23)

15 Oakbank Street: William McDonald (32). Margaret McDonald (32), George McDonald (11), WilliamMcDonald (9), Smith McDonald (7), RobertMcDonald (5), Jane McDonald (2)

1891 Scotland Census:

11 Oakbank St: John McDonald (37), Margaret McDonald (35), John McDonald (17), Annie McDonald (13), Robert McDonald (11), James  McDonald (8), William McDonald (6), Andrew McDonald (2)

1901 Scotland Census:

11 Oakbank Street: Mary O Donnell (53), Betsy Roberts (11), John Roberts (6), John Mclanchlan (34)

11 Oakbank Street: Francis McAvoy (25), Helen McAvoy (25), Robert McAvoy (7), Alexander McDonald (46), Alexander McDonald (17), Kate McDonald (13), Violet McDonald (11), Annie Dodds (26), John Dodds (1)

11 Oakbank Street: John McDonald (49), Margaret McDonald (45), John McDonald (27), Anne McDonald (23), Robert McDonald (21), James  McDonald (18), William McDonald (16), Andrew McDonald (12), Alexander McDonald (8), Maggie McDonald (3)


Violet McDonald 1890

1890 Census info:

Estimated birth year: 1890
Father’s name: Alex McDonald
Mother’s name: Katie McDonlad
Address 50 North Woodside Rd
Civil Parish: Glasgow St George in the Fields
Household Schedule: 13
Registration district: Milton

1901 Census Info

Registration District: Milton
Born: Glasgow Lanarkshire
Address: 11 Oakbank Street
Occupation: Scholar
Household Schedule: 130
Civil Parish: Glasgow St George in the Fields
Living with: Francis McAvoy, Helen McAvoy, Robert McAvoy, Alexander McDonald, Alexander McDonald, Kate McDonald, Violet McDonald, Annie Dodds, John Dodds

Father: Alexander McDonald
Mother: Katie Unknown

Siblings:Lizzie, Alexander, James, Kate



Sharing DNA information on Ancestry.com

Ancestry.com allows you to share your DNA information with other people.  When you do this you allow the other person to see all of your DNA matches.  This can come in really handy when you are looking to find people you are both related to so you do not have to keep mailing each other back and forth.  If you are going to share dna information follow these instructions:

1. Click on DNA on the top and select the 2nd choice “Your DNA results summary”

2. Look to the right and click on “settings”

3. scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “invite others to access DNA results”

4. enter in the person’s user name or their email address if you have it in the box where it says enter email or username.

5. click on the button that says guest

6. click on send invitation

It is surprisingly simple.  They will get an email and once they login they will be able to see your DNA cousins.



Joseph John Sizer 1924

1924 born


mom- Rosalee

dad- Charles Sizer

siblings: Charles, Edward, James


Elizabeth Stewart and Hamilton Allison

1812 have son James Allison who married Lucinda Smith


Jane Carr and Elisha Lindsey

1784 have a son Robert Lindsey who marries Margaret Allison


John Robert Allison and Martha Hamilton

1750 have a son Joseph Allison who married Elizabeth Jane Donaldson
1763/1765 have a daughter Jane Allison married James Raulson Ray/Rhea
1769 have a son Hamilton Allison who married Elizabeth Stewart

1750 Joseph Allison
1788 Joseph
1784 Margaret


1763 Jane Allison

1760 John Allison

1769 Hamilton Allison




Willaim Lindsey and Jane Chew

Have a son James Lindsey

have a son Caleb Lindsey who married Rose Martin

1727 had a daughter Winifred who married George Durham

1731/1734 have daughter Agatha Lindsey who married John Calton/Carlton
1740 have daughter Sarah Lindsey who married Aaron Tallent


Joseph Allison and Elizabeth Donaldson

Lieut. Joseph Allison and Elizabeth Jane Donaldson

Catherine Allison married
John Allison married

1779 had son Thomas Allison married
1784 had daughter Amy Allison
1784 had a daughter Hannah Allison married
1784 had daughter Margaret Allison who married Robert Lawrence Lindsey October 1804
1788 had son Joseph Allison marries Martha Woods
1791 had daughter Jane Allison
1791 had a daughter Lavinia Allison who married
1797 had a son William Allison who married
1811 had son James Allison who married Jane Zumwalt